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April 12, 2017

Granada - Day #5

Not a great deal to report today. I spent some time on the patio in the sun reading and writing and munching. Because of the closeness of the various living spaces in the Albaycin and the narrow cobblestone walkways through the area, a myriad of sounds permeate the air you breathe. From singing birds, chattering walkers, children playing soccer in the square to church bells chiming and musicians playing across the alleyway, it is never silent. The sounds are so pleasant and comforting. I've taken on the daily task of watering the many pots sitting on the tiled patio wall. Unfortunately, the orange and mandarin trees have finished blooming but they are still in the market. I think Nico must eat three a day.

I went with Dani to a friend's house yesterday afternoon to water their plants while they are gone on holiday. Their friends, from Vancouver, BC, are also here for a year. Their house was one that Dani and Charles considered renting, and it is more Spanish with a fantastic view of the Alhambra off of a second floor patio. But, I'm glad D&C didn't choose that house because this one is so light and airy -- the first floor patio is huge and has large windowed doors right into the kitchen and open to the living area. Their upstairs study and Nico's bedroom is also large and sunny. I think they made the best choice. Dani & Charles also have a patio at the top of the house that overlooks the Alhambra, but is not safe for children without adults to monitor.

I've certainly eaten well. We have had lots of munchies including the infamous jamon or ham that is the signature dish of Spain. Ham and cheese and olives and great bread and olive oil for most lunches. Last night Dani cooked shrimp and rice and some clams. I can't complain about the meals. We're having chicken today, and I promised to make Nico's favorite chicken soup. I haven't risen early enough yet to go to coffee with them in the morning. I'm still fighting some jet lag, although it is better.

I will end with a quote from Dani's Facebook page about the confusions of language for expats. We have laughed and laughed about it because we were all part of the confusion when the child was standing at the door asking for Nico to play.

"A few days ago, I asked a neighbor boy his name and he answered "Kien." But today as I was pondering upon what an unusual name that is for a Spaniard, It suddenly occurred to me that instead of saying "Como te llamas? (What is your name?)" I must have asked him "Como se llama? (Formal OR What is his name?)" and he was actually responding with "Quien? (Who?)" Of course, we have all been calling him Kien. Just now, when I asked him again (correctly), he answered with obvious relief that his name is in fact Álvaro. Sigh. I would have thought I was well beyond such a rookie mistake by now."

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