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February 19, 2016


Warning -- this is a purely navel gazing entry -- read at your own risk of boredom!

Once again I'm climbing into this blog having ignored it for a good while. This happens when I'm not feeling very creative or when I'm using those writing interests in other areas -- like finishing up the Lenten brochure for my church which took a few weeks. But, the most important news in my life at the moment is NO NEWS! I have been positive indolent for an entire week -- hit smack in the old body with the common cold. It began last Saturday with a scratchy throat and tiredness which lasted two days. Perhaps it was the aftermath of doing my taxes and owing the government because I miscalculated my estimated payments. GRRR!

Then, on Monday, came the sore throat every morning which meant waking and getting up literally a pain! Fortunately, if I waited it out with a little tea and aspirin and buttered toast (the best part of the solution), the pain would abate by afternoon and leave me just generally feeling lousy until the next morning when I again awakened with a horrible sore throat.

My daughter, Dani, has had the very same cold and symptoms -- although she seemed to function better than I did. Perhaps the is because she does have a family. So, every morning she would call and we would compare the symptoms of the day. It is obvious that we contacted the same germs. But, the best news of all is that FINALLY this morning I awakened without a sore throat. Now I'm into a runny nose, coughs, and lots of sneezes -- at least the gunk is breaking up I think. I'm sure this more than anyone wants to know about my health. But, fortunately, it is the first cold I have had in ages. So, I decided not to go on with my normal routine, but to simply wait it out. I cancelled a meeting in Seattle, cancelled a few other less important activities, and holed up in my living room chair. I did nothing and saw no one on Valentine's Day and didn't care one whit. Today I managed to get down to the grocery store and sign my life away so the government would sell me some Sudafed.

I've read three books (light mysteries), watched television even during the day (four hours once of Flip or Flop buying, fixing, and selling houses), two jigsaw puzzles, several NY Times' Crosswords, a few magazines, and some computer games. Now, that is indolence. I managed to go to the grocery and bank on Monday. I even did my bills and a little laundry on Wednesday, but otherwise I kept to things I could do sitting or lying down.

Perhaps I could get used to this life, but I'm frankly bored. But, it is easy to be bored when you don't feel like doing anything else. In any case, please forgive this naval gazing entry. I promise I'll try to find something a little more interesting to write about next time. Maybe I'll finally get back to finishing my Faith Journey.

May you keep healthy!

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