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January 1, 2016

Happy New Year to the Advent of 2016!

One of the best things about having grandchildren is that you can go to some pretty cool movies under the guise of accompanying them when you really secretly wanted to go to that silly movie! I have done that for years with cartoons, Batman adventures, and some pretty stupid films -- although I do put my foot down at Sponge Bob Square Pants on television. So, you will understand how lovely it was to go to Star Wars the other night with James. He was seeing it for the second time, but was delighted to accompany me for the evening. Besides, he was only home from college for five days before he flew off to Europe for a semester abroad. I was coveting the fact that I got a whole evening with him by myself.

My husband absolutely loved Star Wars. We saw the first one as soon as it premiered by standing in line with our little family for over an hour in Hollywood to see it on a big screen. It was lots of fun because the atmosphere outside the theater was jubilant and by the time we entered the show, most of the people around us had become friends. That atmosphere carried through in the theater where people high fived and laughed and cringed together throughout the film. It was one big party. And, everyone went out with a smile on their faces. I don't remember the events surrounding the next two films, but we also saw them immediately after they arrived on the big screen.

I saw the prequels but didn't like them as much as the original films. I loved this new one that I saw with James. So, I was very open to a Star Wars marathon suggested by Dani and Charles before James departed for Italy. So, we started with the prequels and, I must say, I found them more interesting the second time around. Perhaps it was because Charles and James were sharing all kinds of interesting information as we watched the three films on two late, late, late nights with popcorn, pizza and other such fast food eaten in front of my television with two little boys (Nico and friend Bo) crawling around the coffee table playing with action figures with one eye on the films and with two little dogs choosing one lap after another for attention

Needless to say, we have three more old films to watch and I'm looking forward to seeing the three original ones again now that I have remembered the back story. This has been a crazy week with very, very, very late nights. Dani had a big party here on the 30th with many of James's friends' families and then he flew off for Florence early on the 31st. He, by the way, has arrived, eaten, and gone to bed to sleep. He will stay in an airbnb for two days and then get acquainted with his Italian family where he will live for three months.

Now, it is New Years and I have the big task of dismantling the Christmas decorations. It is a three day job. I also have one unfinished task of sending Nicole her Christmas and her birthday presents --both of which arrived too late for the events. It has been a lovely holiday with family and friends, with little and big grandchildren, and lovely neighbors. I can sing my way through the task of storing it for another year and get on with New Year's resolutions.

Happy New Year!

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