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November 6, 2012

Election Day!

It's election day and I am filled with anxiety. I woke up at 2:30 a.m. last night and even checked BreakingNews.com to see what is happening in the world. Come on, only people under thirty take their iPhones to bed with them. I'm am definitely not in that generation -- but, there you have it, my confession! This morning I found myself watching MSNBC until I had to go run errands. Then, when I returned, back I went to BreakingNews.com.

Martin, who designs the website got me hooked. He put it on my iPhone and it began to beep every time a new item came up. That can be very distracting. You are having a perfectly good conversation with someone and the news beeps at you. That is enough to raise your anxiety right there. It doesn't beep anymore, but I must say that I was tied to it during the hurricane also. It does give me something interesting to do on those late night potty breaks.

I'm especially disconcerted by all the reports of attempts to suppress voters in some states. This morning there were reports of a voting machine that came up with Romney's name already checked. I am sickened by the erosion of democracy in America. There are so many things that need to be fixed. Not the least is the millions of dollars spent on elections, and the despicable hate ads that clog our airways. We need laws to control our own behavior.

I must say that I'm tired of all the ads and the rhetoric on Facebook and Twitter, but I'm glad that the common folk have a voice that they have found on social media. I can choose whether or not to read what is said, but I love that they can say it. I love that different celebrities have been making U Tube videos for their candidates and that things that happen during this election are almost immediately available to the populace. Even if you have to wade through what is (or is not) truthful, it is better than listening to the party line and not having anyone saying, "Uh, duh! You said just the opposite thing last month"

So, I live for awhile with my anxiety. Of course, I want my candidate to win. Of course, I think it is the best for the country. Of course, I'll be unhappy if he doesn't. But, more important -- I voted and now I'm following the news and watching the parade. What more can I do?

Posted by Marilyn at November 6, 2012 3:03 PM


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