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June 6, 2017

Blog Ignored!

I just dropped off the planet after Spain -- in fact, I didn't even finish Spain after we all got sick. I was still feeling rocky when I boarded the plane for home. Dani and I had two days in Malaga, but one of them I was feeling pretty rocky. We had a lovely walk around the harbor the first night and got to the Picasso Museum the next day. I didn't know that Picasso was born in Malaga. It is a lovely city.

If you read my Facebook, you will know that I had an interesting trip home. I was advised to get a wheelchair ride in Paris because I would otherwise miss my next flight (only one hour between and in another terminal). That was the highlight of my trip. My driver was a young man who was ruthless -- he "mercie, mercie,mercied" his way through the crowds, parted the red sea, ordered my own shuttle between terminals, and got me to my flight, put me and my bags on my seat, and I got in under the wire. He was amazing. It was amazing. I was embarrassed to get a wheelchair since I can walk just fine -- but maybe I'll never walk between flights again.

I came home to a very, very long and annoying trip through Seatac and went to Martin's house and slept the rest of the day and night. Unfortunately, I brought my bug home and infected my son with my welcoming hugs and kisses! Nothing like having a Spanish flu for 24 hours after your mother gets home.

I went from trip to a really busy month with surgery for a cataract and several doctor appointments surrounding that and finishing up four interns from City University showing me their skills so they could get their Masters in Counseling. Unfortunately three of them were over an hour's drive away and that was my May! They have now duly graduated, I'm getting used to my new eye lens, and summer is a'coming!

My trip to Spain was lovely and it seems I may be going back since Dani, Charles and Nico are hoping to stay another year. They will all come back in time for James's college graduation from St. Olaf's in Minnesota. And, just in time for Nico to begin middle school.

So, now you are all caught up with my news -- sorry to drop the Spain but I am glad to be home again.

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