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April 28, 2017

Granada -Die Veintiuno (Jueves)

It ha been quiet around here - so not much to report. Last I succumbed to the traveler's disease and was up all night sick. Fortunately, except for being excessively tired today, I am fine. However, I have been careful of eating anything not bland. Charles said that I got off easy - most of the expats here get sick at some point and he was sick for three days. Dani is coming home tomorrow and the rest of us are just hanging. Charles has had lots of work to do, so between my tiredness and his busyness, we've stayed pretty close to home.

I did have one accomplishment, however. Nico has never had a professional haircut and likes his hair long. But, it was pretty raggedy. His mother suggests it is because she has been the barber. It seems he has some celebrity with his friends for having lots of hair. However, I decided a bribe was in order. All the boys around here like one particular barber, so I bribed Nico with some funds if he would get his hair professionally cut. Since he is afraid of barbers, I made the bribe large enough for him to be tempted. Sure enough, he took the bait and went to the barber today with his dad. Now that the barrier is broken, I think he will go back because Charles did not ask the barber to cut it all off. It's still long, but it looks better.

The weather has turned and we have had some sprinkles the past few days. When it sprinkles around here, the kids cannot go outside to play -- even though the sprinkles are less than a WA sprinkle. You cannot call them rain. In fact, you can hardly feel them and might not even know it was sprinkling unless you looked at the cloud cover. However, Granada calls them rain and all activities are called off. Reminds me of school being called off in WA because of a very light snow. I'm sure the midwest laughs at us. In any case, our patio doors are closed and I have a sweater on.

I'm happy just to burrow in for a few days. One of the things I love about traveling to visit my kids in another country is that I can really get the feel for how they are living -- the cuisine, their friends, their home, the culture and their activities. I'm more interested in that then in any bucket list to cross off. So, I probably won't get inside the Alhambra palace, but that i ok. I think I have a sense of what it is like to live in such a unique area of Spain -- and that is enough for now.

However, I do hope the sun comes out again before I leave.

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