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April 24, 2017

Granada - Dieciseis y Diecisiete (Sábado y Domingo)

Saturday was a lazy day and not much to report. Charles was returning from his quick trip to Scotland to visit his two friends and Dani and I spent the afternoon arranging our hotel and transportation to Malaga for the end of my trip. I spent some time on the Charles De Gaulle airport website getting information about flight connections between terminals. I was pretty impressed that they give directions with pictures of the airport at each junction. I only have one hour between flights and, although they say it is doable, I'm always anxious until I actually do it.

I went out to the patio to read about 6:00 and Dani brought out wine and cheese and the ubiquitous olives. Soon there were three families joining us for appetizers. The children played while we visited, and they went home around 8:00. We ate dinner and Charles arrived home after we had watched the last episode of Blue Planet and Nico had climbed into bed. Everyone was glad to see Charles, and he was glad to be in a warmer climate. Scotland was cold!

Sunday was busier. We went down to town and back to Bib Rambia Square to have churros with chocolate and coffee for a breakfast treat. Many of the stores were closed on Sunday including the Apple store where I wanted to pick up a connection for my iPhone earplugs for use on the plane. Charles then took off with Nico, and Dani and I went to the Royal Chapel to see where Ferdinand and Isabella and their daughter, Joanna and son-in-law, Phillip of Castille, are buried. Although we know them best for Christopher Columbus, they are important around here for the fall of the Moorish dynasty. We caught the bus home, got off at Plaza San Miguel Bajo for a cold drink before descending the steps and pathways home.

I am finally oriented enough to find my way to town, to take the bus to the plaza, and to negotiate the streets home from there. God forbid that I turn the wrong way. I can also take the dogs for a walk around the block and find my way to Cuatro Gatos for morning coffee. Dani is off tomorrow for a trip to Vienna with her friend, Tara, who is going to a conference. Charles and I are making plans for spending a day at the Alhambra.

I just finished a book that Dani bought me for Christmas --The Red Hill by David Penny. It takes place just before the reign of Ferdinand and Isabella when they were very close to conquering the city. But, more importantly, the setting is the Alhambra and the Albaycin. It's a good read although a bit gory at times. But, it certainly captures the ambiance around here as well as the history of the area. I'd recommend it for those of you that like both mysteries and historical fiction.

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