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April 20, 2017

Granada - Dia Catorce (Jueves)

Charles got off to Scotland early today after some searching for a missing wallet (it was found after he left). He's visiting two friends and will be back on Saturday. Dani and I went on the morning coffee ritual and then got ready to go to town to take the tourist bus through Granada. It is a tram with a lovely breeze flowing through the open air windows. Unfortunately we were squished four to a seat to accommodate everyone. It began by going up through the Albicin where we are living. But, then circled around the city, the university area, and up through the grounds of the Alhambra. I'm just beginning to make some sense of the winding, narrow, pathways through the Albicin. I'll probably get proficient just when it is time to leave.

We got off our bus ride to tour Dani's favorite Monestario de San Jeronimo de Granada and once again saw the magnificent statue of Mary and the Joseph lying on the bier that we saw in the Soledad procession last .Friday night. Built in the 1500's, the huge church was amazing with painted vaulted ceilings and an amazing altarpiece. It was flanked by a large garden with orange trees standing like soldiers in perfect columns. But, the most exciting part of the visit was unexpected. A fabulous soprano and tenor were practicing Ave Verum with the organist and the sound reverberated throughout the cathedral as we walked around in awe of the beauty. It was a treat for the senses and brought tears to my eyes.

We then wandered over to another favorite, a fish restaurant in the Mercado de Augustine -- a miniature upscale version of Vancouver's Granville Island market. We had a delicious salmon luncheon. I think they quickly sautéed the salmon (which is lighter than ours) in a salted skillet. It was a treat to have something lighter for a change. Restaurants seem to have a three course lunch, so I began with a cold gazpacho, followed by the salmon with roasted potatoes and a flan.

We then went out to find the next stop so we could catch the tourist bus back to the albicin where we had a short walk home. The rest of the day was spent reading a few magazines that Dani's guests have left and enjoying the shouts of the expats and local Spanish children play soccer in the narrow streets. How on earth they do so with the huge cobblestone walkways -- at least they don't lose the ball often since the walls of the houses flank the street.

Dani made some pasta and we had another late dinner and went to bed.

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