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February 5, 2017

Enough is Enough

I am tired of being sick to death over our current political situation. And, I'm serious. I do mean sick. Physically sick. I am politically liberal, but I'm equally worn down by the frantic Democratic messages on my Facebook and email. I'm tired of Trump in the headlines. Since, as a counselor, I truly believe that the man is an egomaniac, all the hype around him simply feeds his ego. Even the negative things. Especially the negative things. It doesn't actually matter when one's need is to be the center of attention. Well, he got his wish to be the most powerful leader of the world.

During the election, I was most disturbed by the friends I had always looked up to for their ethical standards who were voting for Trump. It was hard to understand. How could those upright friends stand next to the Klu Klux Klan and white supremacists in their votes, for heaven's sake? Then, of course, he won. And, I was sad because I truly believe that many poor souls who voted for him because he was going to ease their pain were deluded. He is guided by his own self interest. If you think I'm prejudiced, you haven't read his daily tweets.

During the Obama years, I was frustrated by the Republicans who governed by not governing. I remember when both sides of the aisle actually worked together. I don't care if you are Republican or Democrat -- when Congress votes, you should have some votes yea and some nay because you are voting for issues, not simply to defeat the other party. There have to be people on both sides who disagree with their colleagues. I believe that our system is broken at the moment. I wonder how outrageous Trump can become before at least a few Republicans actually stand up and vote against his policies? Or will they stick together and refuse to wisely govern? I heard on the news that many representatives are avoiding their constituencies because they are afraid to hear all the people who are angry.

I have stopped listening to any newscast that is politically biased. I've tried to stick to PBS news. I do enjoy a few political podcasts where the journalists are trying to navigate the political scene in a non biased fashion. I especially like when they explain what others are ranting about in a way that helps me understand what is not actually going to happen and what is a possibility. I've heard some fairly even points of view. My Historian son-in-law suggests watching and waiting. If I have an opportunity to avoid the barrage of mail that is coming at me, I will. Not because I don't want to support the issues I believe in, but because I simply cannot handle the stress which keeps me awake at night. I also have to believe that there are some good people in positions of strength in our country who are keeping watch although I don't know why we have allowed our new president to not be as open as our previous presidents about his financial information or even require him to divest himself of his business interests.

It's a muddle. And, a mess. But, I can feel hopeful when I remember that one sole woman was responsible for the millions of marches internationally because she invited ten Facebook friends to join her in a march when she found that Trump was going to be president. I feel hopeful when one WA judge decides to stand up to the order to close our airports to immigrants. I will feel hopeful when I see politicians go across the aisle and stand with those of another party. I will feel hopeful if Trump begins to shut his potty mouth and learns to govern wisely. I will feel even more hopeful when my blood pressure goes back to normal and I can sleep at night.

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