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January 15, 2017


I have been thinking about blogs lately. Obviously just thinking, not writing. I couldn't believe my last entry was last February!

I began this blog because I went to visit my eldest daughter in Singapore following my husband's death. It was a handy way to share my experiences with my other two children who were home with their families, to keep connected, and to record my trip for later perusal. I loved Singapore. It was beautiful, clean, and cosmopolitan. Dani and I would get James to school and then visit our favorite book store, tea room, and all the various foreign sectors of the city. Accommodations were fantastic since Dani and Charles and James lived in a beautiful high rise flat owned by the University. Since the weather was always around 98 degrees, it was lovely to have an Olympic size pool just outside our unit. Oddly, one of the things I remember best about my time in Singapore was our obsession with watching Arrested Development together. While there, I rode in more taxis than I had in my entire lifetime. We took those inexpensive taxis everywhere. You were rarely far from air conditioning because a taxi was always at your fingertips!.It was definitely a therapeutic visit. When I came home, I continued with my blog, and it is now almost twelve years later.

I think I have written about this before, but blogs are an odd phenomenon. At this solitary moment, I am typing away and sharing my thoughts while sitting in a silent room in an empty house. Who would think that as soon as I hit one little black key, someone might read what I have written. it is incredible to think that words magically go into the ether and end up on someone's computer I am continually surprised that others actually read what I write. But, then, my friend, Larry, happens to mention that he wonders when I'm going to finish my faith journey posts. Or, my writing partner, Bev, says she wants me to write something with the same "voice" I use on my blog. One time, I heard from a former Fairhaven Middle School student who reminds me of a group we had when she was a teen, and now she is a mom. I asked her how she found my blog. I haven't seen her since she was 13. She said she Googled me. It's sort of like standing on stage blinded by the footlights which hide the audience. There seems to be no one out there. The chairs could be quite empty. Until you hear a cough or a bit of laughter. This blog is even more solitary because my son had to take off the ability to respond because it was generating hoards of spam.

I look at my blog mostly as a place to store ideas and record my thoughts and feelings about various topics. I have been remiss about using it. So, for Larry, and Bev, and my ex student (oh, and my sister), I will try to remember that beyond the bright blinding lights of the stage, a few people have bought a ticket to the silly show.

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