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April 30, 2015

Wednesday and Thursday in Paris

We never made it over to the Eiffel Tower the other evening -- we had dinner with some friends in our group and went back to the hotel and crashed. On Wednesday we went as a group to the Picasso Museum which was really a lovely experience. Dee and Chuck then herded us all over the a favorite falafel place that they found on Rick Steves. it was completely packed and we all had a marvelous lunch. I had lamb and pita and a few undefined things in the sandwich that were delicious -- we decided it was eggplant. Then, a few of us headed over to the Jewish Museum that was in the same area -- Barb and I were going, and Chuck and Dee and a woman named Lee joined us. It was the story of the Jews in France, Jewish culture in general, and people who were notable over the years in this country as well as how the culture varied in customs from country to country. After grabbing some coffee in a local shop, we headed for home base. A few of us decided to try a local restaurant owned by a very young man, and we had a fantastic meal.

Today the rain fell -- first uncomfortable day in our whole trip. Both Barb and I bought new umbrellas since mine disintegrated in the wind and rain. We meandered over to the Eiffel Tower and bought a day's ride ticket on the Botobus which is a boat that you can jump on and off at different areas and ride all day if you wish. We got off and went to the Orangerie Museum which also has a collection of impressionists. It is small and known for its Monet water lillies which were underwhelming. Tomorrow we are going to Monet's garden which should be more interesting.

We then found a lunch place in the park and meandered up to the Louvre but didn't go inside. Later we went to the terrific Shakespeare and Company and wandered through their books, decided the lines were too long at Notre Dame, sat in a restaurant and had coffee and dessert before we jumped back on the boat and headed for home and hot showers to restore ourselves. We had an uncomfortable experience with a bicycle driver who quoted us fifteen Euros if he took us for a ride from the Eiffel Tower to our hotel, later told us he said fifty Euros, and had a tantrum when we refused to pay. But, we got through it, left him in a snit and headed back to our hotel. After our hot showers, we again went to the same restaurant we loved and joined some of our group for dinner. The young owner gave us all aperitifs for being such good customers. We love it so much, we might even go back tomorrow.

Our Lovely Little Hotel

Barb and the Eiffel Tower on a Very Rainy Day


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