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April 19, 2015

Three Days is Not Enough

This is our final day in London, and there is so much we didn't do or see. I guess that is always the way it is. We spent the whole morning going to a friend's church. Ana and Tod Gobbledale were two of Don's favorite people. Ana's parents belonged to our congregation after her father retired from the ministry. Ana and Tod were in Africa with their two children and would often visit our church when in the states. They have been pastors in London for five years at St. Andrews United Reform Church in Brockley. It took over a half hour by taxi and took us into some areas we would never usually visit which was fun. After the service we caught the bus back into the city and back to St. Paul's church.

Barb and I took Connie to the restaurant we visited on Saturday, and we had another delicious lunch after which we wandered over to the Globe Theater that was besieged by hundreds of Londoners who were able to get into the theater free because they were celebrating Shakespeare's birthday. Instead of standing in line for a couple of hours, we chose to walk over to the Museum of London which was a few blocks away. It was a small, charming natural history museum that pictured London over the years, the early natives, the conquerors, the growth of the city and the way the city developed.

We took the tube back to our hotel, got onto their computer to make reservations for tomorrow morning when we take the train from Euston Station to Coventry to meet my cousins. We were happy to have dinner in the hotel since we were tired from a long day. Now we're ready for bed.

Onward to the next adventure!

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