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April 25, 2015

A Potpourri of Experiences

My writing can't keep up with the trip. We are busy day and night. Had a fascinating trip to see some family landmarks with my cousins during our time in Stratford on Avon. The most interesting part of the day was a trip to a pen museum. More on that later since it was pretty fascinating. Then, after dinner we had to pack to take the bus and train to Bath. That evening we went to dinner and took a bus ride around the city so Barb could get oriented. On Friday, we went to the Roman baths in the morning and my friend, Hope, came in the afternoon. We went to the newly refurbished Holburne Art Museum and then over to The Royal Crescent, 18th century circular apartments, to tour a restored unit -- these were the places wealthy people kept for their stays in Bath during the season. Following that we had dinner at the Jamie Oliver Italian Restaurant and walked back to our place to say goodbye to Hope. Today, we boarded the Mad Max tours and headed to Stonehenge, Avenbury (more stones), and the through a few quaint Costwald towns to meander. This evening we are once again getting ready to embark upon our next experience -- leaving tomorrow morning really early for Paris.

I have found the trip just a taste of the places we have stayed. It seems like we just get somewhere and it is time to leave. It is difficult to pick and choose what you wish to see when you know there is so much more. At least we'll have a full week in Paris, and I think that will be great.

I wanted to get caught up with the blog, but I'll have to augment these experiences when I have time -- especially the day with my cousins. Tomorrow i'll be traveling the entire day.

Barb and Hope Outside the Holburne Art Museum

Barbara and I Made Pen nibs at the Pen Museum


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