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July 11, 2014

London Next Day

I should have gone to bed earlier last night because I was so tired that it took me ages to get to sleep. Today I have either been feeling jet lag, the lack of sleep, or just plain weary from all the excitement and sightseeing.

The breakfasts at my hotel are plentiful, but not wonderful. I have yet to figure out the best thing to eat. There are eggs several ways, English bacon or sausage, grilled tomatoes, a variety of cereals, toast and marmalade or jam. You can have as much as you want. But, I'm not crazy about their eggs or bacon -- although they are acceptable. Tomorrow I might try the sausage. The toast and tea are great!

Connie and I took off this morning for Westminster Abbey and bought a two hour tour. Of course, it was packed on a summer day. The tour guide for 20 people was loquacious and very knowledgeable but after one hour of standing around on concrete listening to every story in the book about the people buried in the tombs and the lowdown on all the royalty, I began to yearn for places to sit down. I wanted to sit still in that absolutely amazing space which contains so much history and contemplate. The clergy say a prayer every hour which was too short and left me wanting more. I wasn't the only one in the group who got weary -- by the time the tour was over, the group was down to about 12. I was able to sneak away while keeping my eye on the group and rejoining from time to time. Connie did the same thing in her own way. Finally, we snuck out and went to the little abbey cafe and had a sandwich and a Coke. We were hot and thirsty. Next time, I must remember to get a self conducted tour -- but it was a fabulous place to go on a rainy day.

We left the abbey, headed over to Harrods, and had tea and dessert before walking through several departments especially the food court. We decided not to buy any of the beautiful sweaters and purses we saw on sale since they cost the equivalent of our airline tickets.
Both Connie and I were struggling physically to keep going, so we turned towards our hotels and spent a few hours alone until dinnertime came around when we walked over to a little Spanish restaurant which was delightful. We were the only ones without reservations, but the owner let us in when we promised to be done in 1 1/2 hours. We both had a lovely meal, walked around for a bit, spent some time sitting in one of the many parks around Russell Square, and headed back to an early evening's rest.

I had originally requested an en suite room and the hotel had a cancellation, so I came back to a new room. Not much larger, but there is an actual toilet behind a little sliding closet door. Quaint perfectly describes this hotel. And, also nice and pleasant. I'm comfortable which is all I want to be.

Tomorrow an art gallery and high tea with some friends. Life is indeed good -- even when I'm struggling to fit into a lifestyle that does not involve an automobile or even clear directions about how to get from Point A to Point B. As I mentioned before, I am in awe of London's transit system, prefer the buses to the underground just because of the view, and think I am just going to barely scratch the surface this time around.

Connie Enters A Twining's Store at our Bus Stop

Westminster Abbey

Big Ben


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