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December 28, 2013

Twas Three Days After Christmas and all Through The House...

...not a creature was stirring! Everyone but one has disappeared. Dani is upstairs with some editing while Charles takes the boys and dogs home across town. Martin, Christine, and Lionel have just left for Seattle. Jeni and Ron and Nicole left on Friday and Allie left the day before in order to go see the Nutcracker with friends. Here is the snapshot of Christmas:

1) Games played during days and evenings -- some of them lasting until the wee hours of the next day. Mostly different strategy or word games. All of them a raucous experience and sometimes laughter until the tears flowed. The constituents kept changing as people wandered in and out to make food or go to bed or check in with children -- but in between meals, the big round table was usually occupied by game players.

2) Good and sometimes great food -- different cooks taking turns -- eggs benedict, beef wellington, Welsh rarebit, clam chowder, veggies, salads, peanut butter, spiced nuts, candy, cookies, pie are just a few of the many items that passed through the kitchen sometimes casually and sometimes more formally -- but always shared with love and anticipation! Oh yes, gallons and gallons of tea -- we used to drink much more coffee.

3) Two little adorable boy cousins who played continually with Legos and trains, books and puzzles, under the piano and up and downstairs without one angry word or deed and lots of hugs and kisses from the big people -- then outside so the 7 year old could teach the 3 year old how to ride his new Christmas Razor scooter.

4) A garage full of trash bags overflowing with Christmas wrappings and a recycle box filled with empty wine bottles.

5) Neighbors dropping in for a chat and a cup of tea.

6) Everyone sitting around in a variety of dress during solitary moments with I-phones, laptops, Christmas magazines and/or books in between the raucous almost continuous game playing. Not a great deal of music playing this year for some reason. Lionel reciting "Twas the Night Before Christmas." James building Legos with Nico. The oldest grandchild, Allie, playing a boxing game with Nico. Nicole disappearing with her new novels.

7) Musical bedrooms and sheet changing as people came and left -- everyone finding a place even utilizing sofas as needed.

8) The persistent sound of coughing as four family members recovered from the recent bug going around Bellingham and Seattle.

9) Remembering and sharing the remembering of the past and present -- family traditions, personal recollections, recent experiences, work, play, school -- all with people who care deeply and love each other.

10) Enjoying Christmas cards, holiday greetings, Facebook greetings, pictures of new babies born to friends. Keeping close friends near and far in my thoughts and prayers. And always grateful for the ability to just be together once again with the people I love best in all the world - my wonderful children and grandchildren.

Some Christmas snapshots:

Dani Opening a Gift From Nico

James Opening a Gift

Allie Playing With Nico

Ron, Jeni, Allie & Nicole Annual Christmas Picture

Oldest Grandchildren at Christmas Dinner

Hugging Cousins

Nico Showing Lionel How to Ride a Scooter

Even Ricky the Puppy was Invited to Play Games with Charles and the Family!

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