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June 8, 2013


Sometimes I think of writing on this blog only to wonder if I've said the same thing several times. I'm sure that I repeat myself since everything I write on the blog simply flows out of my consciousness at the moment I'm writing. It's never planned which means it is often surprising. Oh, sometimes I have a theme in mind, and I see where it takes me. I do try to read what I have written to see if I can catch the glaring errors, but mostly I just sit down and begin writing.

Today, I looked over a few older posts and realized that I mentioned some things that I could update. For instance, after settling the dispute over my salary with Skagit College, they finally got caught up with paying me the right amount. Since they didn't give me due notice that having 6 students cut my salary in half, they didn't give me a chance to say, "No thanks. Cutting my salary does not cut the hours I still teach so I will quit." Instead, the dean's secretary was more than gracious and indicated that I would get paid the same amount, although it then took another month to receive the other half of the contract. Now, the college is changing around the adjunct instructor's pay schedule, and I find that I've taught there long enough to even get boosted to a new pay level. And, I was thinking that I'm getting too old for this -- I guess I'll see what comes the next time they offer the class. If I can still remember what to teach, maybe I won't quit yet. It is such a dream class -- 11 two hour sessions at the school and the rest online. Of course, it didn't help having the bridge out and the traffic a mess -- but I am coming to the end of the class with only two more sessions.

After a great deal of discussion with people around Bellingham who are savvy in the ways of city government, I'm finally ready to send out the letter suggesting that the city is responsible for removing the large tree in between my house and Andy's. It has been a very long journey. We're sending a letter to the head of the Public Works Department, the city attorney, and our mayor, Kelli Linville. Actually, I'm hoping it will help that I've known Kelli for years because I was her son, Sean's, 8th grade teacher. At least she will know that I'm not a crazy person. We'll see what happens. The city is so adamant about not taking out trees on residential streets, but we feel they have some liability because of the street work they have done in front of the tree which is now dying.

Our Restructure Committee at church has taken two years and is finally coming into the home stretch. We have wrestled with some major issues within the committee, but I think we will come out with a great plan for our congregation. There is much going on in our church right now, so we'll see how things shake out. Interestingly, our plan coincides nicely with the Forward Committee that is working on a five year strategic plan for programming. My co-chair, Anna, and I have been adamant about listening to the congregation and the plan we are fashioning reflects those interests and concerns. But, it has been a great deal of work and lots of time and energy.

I know I have mentioned buying furniture, so I just heard that my new sofas are at Samuels and can be delivered at any time. I suggested that we wait a week because there is a chance that boys and dogs will be staying all night at my house while Charles is gone to Montana for a few days and Dani needs to borrow my car to get Nico to school. And, with daughter and boys comes dogs! I can hardly wait to see them to assure myself that I didn't make a mistake ordering sofas that I only saw in a picture. Scary!!! I also have a brand new bed from Macy's since my previous bed was on loan from a friend. I had been looking for a sleigh bed and she had one in storage which I borrowed until she needed it. My bed came this week and I love it! Whew! One down, one to go.

And, finally, things are moving on my bathroom remodel that has taken way, way too long. Tile, plumbing in, Beadboard on the walls, trim and floor next week and then I can finally have the old tub refinished and the room painted. The new closet where the old chimney was housed should be finished when my contractor comes back from vacation. It's only been in various forms of disarray for almost two years since the chimney was removed. I'll post some pictures.

I guess that is all the updates for now. I'm sitting here at noon on Saturday just avoiding what I really need to do today -- clean house. When my bed was dismantled, I got to scrub my bedroom from top to bottom. Now I'm on a cleaning jag -- but today I just want to kick back and read. Maybe I'll clean and maybe I won't!

Here is the removed chimney space for the new linen closet

No trim yet, but beadboard and the end of the bathtub tile and new light fixtures

Tile over the bathtub -- and new inset for soap and shampoo

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