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February 27, 2013


This morning, my email contained a few words of wisdom from my friend Bev, "The hardest thing about writing is writing." Nora Ephron. That is a bright little gift on a dismal, overcast day.

This is the time of year that I often feel a bit dismal myself. If Don were around, he would remind me that February is not my best month. I should do what other friends do and take myself into some warm, sunny weather somewhere else in the country or world. At this moment, I have friends in Mexico, Florida, California and Hawaii who need to escape the gloom of the dreary Northwest during the winter. As beautiful as it is, it gets wearing. And, I get droopy! So, small things pick me up -- yesterday it was a pedicure (my newest discovery in my lifelong learning process, and I've become addicted!). It could be as small as a cup of tea, going to a movie, lunch with a friend, or simply being reminded to do something that would feed me.

Bev and Margie are my writing companions and longtime friends of mine. We have been together for several years sharing our struggles as we go in and out of writing habits -- sometimes close to prolific and sometimes completely unproductive and barren (not because we have nothing to say, but because we allow our busyness to interfere with a writing life). We talk about this, we encourage each other, we share at times, and we doggedly continue to meet because there is a kind of magic in our meeting that encourages and sustains us. Sometimes we spend a few days with Bev on Orcas at her beautiful home. Other times we meet for an afternoon at my house or Margie's. I look forward to those times and they are precious to me -- maybe because of encouragement and honesty, maybe because we have many things in common, and maybe because they are simply very, very special women.

I have not been writing much lately although I have some things in the oven. It's not that I haven't had time, it is really about not being motivated to do much lately. So, when I opened my email this morning to find a little reminder from Bev, it lit up my very being. First, it is a reminder that even gifted writers like Ephron understand how difficult it often is to just sit down and write. Second, because a friend thought to share that with me today. And, third, because a bit of sunshine always helps on a grey day. That little nugget brings to mind all of the laughter we three have shared about our poor writing habits and our desires to do better. Those few words were a mini writing group delivered to my doorstep via computer and connected me once again to two very special people and our shared struggles.

Thank you Bev for reading this, thinking of us, and sending us an email containing some needed wisdom!

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February 11, 2013

Foggy, foggy mornings!

The past few mornings have been so foggy that I cannot see the water on the bay or Canada or Orcas Island. Fog is not what I associate with the Pacific Northwest. But, every once in awhile it happens. So, this morning, I am rather fogged in, and that is a perfect time to write an entry in my poor, ignored blog. Since the writing of the blog is so very solitary, it is hard to think that anyone will even notice whether I am present or gone. Except my lovely sister, of course. And, maybe Larry Green who is always so generous to mention that he and Barb read my blog. And, my kids who probably already know whatever I post.

Martin was up with Lionel this weekend and Dani, Martin, and I looked through some old slides that I am trying to digitize so that I can have a record of them to share with my family. At the moment, they are all over the table in the "poolroom," and I am trying to peruse them to decide which to keep, which to put on a disk, and which to toss. Martin's task was to teach me how to use my new scanner and to utilize Flickr so that I can actually label the slides and put commentary with them. My first lessons used the few slides I saved from our Israel trip when Martin was in first grade. Who was that long haired, skinny, lady piloting the ship across the sea of Galilee???? That was one of the few pictures Don took of actual people -- he preferred landscapes or animals. There are lots of slides that can be dumped! We found a picture of Don from the 70s when he was on television. Martin posted it on Facebook - that was the guy I married! Of course, we also had to look at slides to determine whether or not Lionel looks like his daddy.

I'm still in the middle of redoing my guest bathroom on the second floor. So far, the Drywall is finished and painted. I'm buying the tile next and so I make slow progress (as I do in almost every project I take on). It will be so good to get that room off my list. Painting the living room and entry hall will follow. I try to do some myself with help from Charles and Keith, and hire some out when I want to just get it done. I have a house list to complete while I still live here which is often put on hold by lack of resources, busyness, or inertia. But, as long as I continue to make a bit of progress here and there, I feel smug and satisfied. Sometimes I dream of winning the lottery so that I could really finish the house off -- bathroom on the first floor, the attic painted and drywalled, the garage ... but that is a pipe dream and probably more than I'll ever do. I should move, but I'm so reluctant yet to give up my remodeled kitchen and breakfast room and my beloved view. I know that I'm closer to moving than ever. I know that it would be a terrific financial move. But, I'm not there yet. I don't know -- maybe it keeps me young!

Well, there you have it -- thoughts for today. I'm off to complete my income tax -- always a bit of a surprise -- did I calculate well last year enough to have a surplus or will I still owe some after all is said and done. I'm pretty accurate, but not always perfect. I'll soon know whether the government has more coming or if I'm getting a refund. Such a mystery!

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