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October 5, 2012

Greetings on Another Beautiful Fall Day!

Can't fault this weather. And, for those of you who think this is different than our usual October, I can show you pictures of Boulevard Park which I was walking daily in order to get better in shape for Hong Kong. Most days were sunny. Rarely were they rainy. Usually about 70 degrees. Yes, this is our wonderful fall weather! I may have hated July, but I have loved October.

My sister is on my back for not writing on my blog. I guess I just haven't had much to say. I've been struggling some with a gastrointestinal problem which has mostly subsided. I just found out that it has been going through the high school. Then for the past few days I have had a sore leg which seems to be undetermined -- but feels like I've pulled something. Since I have been fairly docile, I'm not sure how I could have done that -- but I do climb a lot of stairs and pick up a five year old to hug quite a bit. Maybe I just wasn't aware. Anyway, that has put a kibbosh on painting the dining room since I think I'd better avoid climbing on ladders with a sore leg.

I'm also too involved in two church committees (one for the conference and one for FCCB) that have taken a great deal of time over the past few weeks -- and have lots of stuff to accomplish coming up. Our conference Personnel committee is sending out a survey to all 86 churches and that means that the six of us will divvy them up and be contacting them for information. Yikes! Fortunately, I have only one City University intern this year since no other CU students live in my area. That said, I have had more trouble getting into gear over the summer and now the fall.

I could partly blame it on having a houseful. As I have said before, Dani and family all came home from Hong Kong in stages and they seem to have moved back to their house in stages. James finally joined his parents on Marine Drive last Saturday --just in time for Katie (my WWU music instructor boarder three days a week) to move back in. It was very hard for James to move. He is smitten by a lovely young lady who lives only three blocks from me. And, he is within walking distance here of his school and the YMCA where he works out on days he is not rowing. That's not even mentioning his bigger bedroom, lack of a little brother, and feelings of independence that come with living with grandma. But, his parents finally put their foot down, and home he went. He has decided to make the little annex they have (we call it the Hobbit House) in the back of their property -- so he is decorating with carpet squares and making it a hangout for friends.

Dani and Charles have been busy with editing, but they are slowly getting settled. Keith Craswell has been over their felling trees which has opened their property to more light and they have a winter garden growing. Life is busy for them. As I write, they are on a car trek to Montana for Charles's grandma's 90th birthday party with all the Wheelers.

The only other item I can report is that after 20 years, I am trying to update my furniture. I just bought a new sofa for the lower living room and I'm beginning to update paint and hopefully create some new look. I've been so lazy (and relatively broke) after my big remodel which has still left several unfinished projects. My guest bath upstairs is torn apart and looks like it will take awhile to get back together. I'm waiting on my contractor and electrician who are good friends and are dragging their feet a bit. I'm sure they will surface soon. I guess these are good winter projects!

That's all folks -- 'til next time! Be glad I didn't get into computer problems which took me several weeks, many, many hours, but resulted in a new hard drive through AppleCare.

Boulevard Park last October

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