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September 24, 2009

New Pot Filler

I finally got my potfiller installed above my stove. After a series of calls to the (very nice) plumber who Tom had do my kitchen, we finally connected on a date when he was free and I was home. It didn't take long and I love it. However, the not as good news is that someone arranged to keep the hot water pipe instead of the cold water pipe exposed to hook up to the filler -- so now someone has to rectify their mistake. It shouldn't be difficult since all pipes are exposed in the basement. It was just such an anticlimax to the final touches to my kitchen!

Dani found out as we began filling the pots to can some pickles. My original recipe does not call for a water bath, but we were using Erika's recipe and it does. So, we diligently filled the pots to cook the pickles and Dani exclaimed, "The water is hot, mom!" Now there is nothing wrong with beginning with a lot of hot water when you have to heat up a whole pot, but I don't want to cook my pasta with hot tap water.

This was actually a very timely discussion with my friend Kay who is in a dinner group with me. She always brings the main dish to my house and often starts her pasta in hot water to save time. I told her that I didn't think that was a good idea because hot water leaches more chemicals from pipes than cold water does. I thought it was an old wives tale that I'd heard. So, I looked it up because she hadn't heard it - sure enough -- it is suggested that you use cold water always to heat up when cooking food. I don't know where I originally got the information, but I was glad I wasn't spreading something that wasn't true.

Doing multiple tasks in my kitchen only illustrates how lovely it is to have the use of the room reconfigures. Dani and I made four batches of bread and butter pickles and multitasked without once getting into each other's territory. I am continually grateful for my new kitchen - and the pickles are wonderful!



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September 19, 2009

I Hate Nuisances

I am a terrible patient because I am not patient! I still have a sore knee from Maine and I'm sick of it. It is actually better, but I have only walked a block or so with my (also impatient) dog because I am a bit shy of using it too much. I called for a doctor's appointment and saw the nurse practitioner instead. She just didn't buy the idea that I might have twisted my leg by wrestling with my heavy suitcase. I think she was convinced I had some arthritis. So, she sent me for ex-rays which showed some cartilage loss (not uncommon for my age) but no arthritis. So, she said she thinks I just over used my leg by walking much more than normal and had some swelling. I think she is wrong. So, I'm going to the physical therapist on Tuesday and see what she says.

BUT!!! The ex rays showed that I had an old fracture -- and that must have been from four years ago when I did the stupid act of walking on my foot that had fallen asleep and fell and injured both legs. My doctor was sure they were just sprained and never had an ex ray taken. Now I find that there was a fracture. Fortunately, it mended -- but I'm a bit put out that I didn't know at the time or that he didn't bother with an ex ray. I tramped all over Maine with a broken bone!

Oh well -- this is the news from Lake Woebegon! Not much else. I canned some peaches this week because my friend, Pam, gave me some last winter and they tasted so good that I wanted to do the same. I'm about to can some bread and butter pickles (I just have a whim!). Today I'm going over to Dani's because I'm lending her some organizational advice on her back room. Probably more than advice!

Not much more today. Woke up to rain but it is glorious at the moment. The rain washed away the dust and the sun is gleaming off the sound. Sailboats are all over the water! Ain't life grand?

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September 16, 2009

Here I Am! Where Have I Been?

I wrote the previous entry one day when I had a few moments in Maine. My intention was to edit it before putting it on my site. However, I inadvertently posted it so it actually appeared for about an hour before I caught it and took it out of the blog. However, upon rereading, I decided it wasn't so bad unedited and posted it this morning. At least it will give you an idea that I did think of writing on my blog during vacation. We were just so very busy that there was little time to write, edit, and post all of the happenings. I got home last Thursday and still haven't had much time to catch up on writing (or even thinking) about the trip.

One reason is that I came home with a hurt leg. I don't know what it is about Maine that has caused me to have hurt legs TWICE when there. This time it appears that I twisted something (probably throwing around my 45 lb suitcase) and to limp the entire time I was on vacation. It kept getting better and so I have been ignoring it, but it still is giving me trouble so I'm needing to check in the my doctor I think.
What a nuisance!

The vacation overall was lots of fun and we were able to see lots of our favorite Maine haunts as well as some new ones. We also spent a day exploring Boston. It is hard to go to Maine. Either you fly into Portland or Bangor which are both more expensive and require two to three changes of planes or you fly into Manchester, NH or Boston for less money but more of a drive north to Deer Isle. We chose Boston this time and I actually did it for $15 since I had lots of airline miles.


The Lobster Rolls and Onion Rings at Red's Eats - the best in Maine


The Popovers in Acadia National Park - The Best Ever Anywhere!

Cars Make Way for Gos(ling)s Outside the Isabella Gardner Museum in Boston

The Cutest Little Ducklings in the Middle of Downtown Boston

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September 6, 2009

Greetings from Maine

Barb, Bette and I just got back from a walk to Lily's Pond, about a 1/4 mile from the house through the woods. It is a beautiful little lake with water lilies abounding and not one soul around. As we arrived, a woman was finishing a swim. But, she left and we sat on the grassy shore surrounded by woods, water, and the sound of birds. It was a lovely afternoon jaunt from the little farmhouse on Deer Isle we are staying in that belongs to Jennifer and Rick Russell and has so generously been shared with me over the past four years. I haven't had a moment to write on my blog since I arrived.

We flew into Boston on Monday evening and toured all day Tuesday. On Wednesday we headed up Highway #1 stopping only at Starbucks and in Freeport at the beautiful rug store for Barb to buy a kit. Since then we have been stationed at the farmhouse with day trips to Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, around the island and to a variety of interesting restaurants. There is absolutely no cell phone reception on the island and I just learned how to connect my mac to the modem that the Russells have recently installed. Each evening the three of us have killer Rummy Tile tournaments which (I have to brag) I have been quite successful.

This morning we went to church and heard a terrific sermon. The congregation worships half of the year in one little church and the other half of the year in a second building across the island. Both are old Congregational Churches with white spires and clean lines. We were surprised by the size of the choir and the size of the congregation. Of course, it is a three day holiday, but in Bellingham that would mean that no one was in church - not extra people to fill it.

Tomorrow we are traveling to Campobello, an island in Canada, which is about three hours away. We will tour the summer home of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt. We are getting used to traveling north although I shall never get used to the fact that the water is on my right while doing so. If I figure out how to download some photos from iphoto, I will do that - otherwise, I'll try to write again sometime soon. But, then, maybe I won't if I get too busy sightseeing.

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