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November 1, 2005

Coming Home is Really WET!

I got a dramatic welcome to Bellingham last night. Martin picked me up at the airport and I drove him home. We had tea and I left for Larry's market to pick up a few things including candy for trick or treaters. I arrived in my driveway just as the light faded from the heavens. But, my goodness -- what a deluge. The poor children tramped up to my doorway looking like drowned rabbits. The best costumes were warm and fuzzy ones that, although soggy, kept the pretenders dry. All the parents huddled under umbrellas and I wished that I was handing out hot chocolate. But, alas, I didn't have enough and it would have been suspect since it wasn't prepackaged. What a world we live in. When it thundered, my windows all rattled and I thought they would break. It was also lightening. I've never seen such a storm in all my years in Bellingham -- and I've never seen anything like it on Halloween. I suppose it served well as background to such a goulish night -- but it really was something. Since I left a lovely warm and sunny California, I was almost ready to go back. But, today the rain is a fine mist and all the fall colors are beautiful. So, I guess it is nice to be home again.

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